Scenic Spots

1. Puppet Palace Museum

It is a royal palace museum that was built at the Puppet Palace's original site. The Puppet Palace is the palace where Aisin-Gioro Puyi, the last emperor of China in Qing Dynasty, served as emperor of the Manchukuo, and also the historical witness to Japanese imperialism's invasion in Northeast China by force and implementation of fascist colonial policy. Today, the Puppet Palace Museum has become a characteristic tourist attraction that takes a floor space of 200,000 square meters and integrates puppet palace (core protection zone), red tourism, culture & leisure, and tourism & business services.

2. Nanhu Park

Located in Changchun City, China's largest automobile industry city, Nanhu Park, with a floor space of more than 2.22 million square meters, is the largest urban park in Northeast, and the second largest park in China, next only to the Summer Palace. Located in the southwest of Changchun City, the distinctive Nanhu Park has a lake area of 92 hectares, and it is viewed as the largest park in Northeast. Construction of Nanhu Park kicked off in 1933.

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