Scenic Spots

1. Haeundae Beach

Introduction:Located in Haeundae District of Busan, the Haeundae Beach has a coastal sandbank with length of 1.8km, width of 50m, average water depth of 1m, and floor space of 58,400square meters. Haeundae Beach is famed for its vast sandbank and picturesque coastline, in addition to its moderate water depth and cool water, and so it is considered as a representative sightseeing spot in Busan. In summer, tourists from all around the world will gather here, heralding the advent of the peak season.

2. Nakdonggang Habitat for Migratory Birds

At the Nakdonggang Habitat for Migratory Birds cross the river water of Nakdonggang and the seawater of the South China Sea. From October of each year to March of the next year, birds of more than 150 kinds will fly to the Nakdonggang Habitat. Therein, swans are the most frequent visitors, and predatory birds like hawk and white-tailed hawk are irregular visitors. Paved with reads, the habitat for migratory birds has a vast area, and is nearly inaccessible for those tourists by bus. Due to this, tourists had better rent boats at the Myeongji-dong Wharf and invite local residents to serve as the guide, as a way to have a good view of the migratory birds. Normally, the optimal observation time ranges between 9:00 o'clock a.m. to 4:00 o'clock p.m.

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