International to International

1、Flight Arrival

After disembarkation, you will enter into the international terminal via the air bridge or a shuttle bus.

2、Inspection & Quarantine

Passengers suffering from fever, vomit, jaundice, and diarrhea and so on are required to declare to the inspection and quarantine officials on their own.

3、Transfer Procedures and Frontier Inspection

Please check the boarding gate of your fight via the fight display screen, and then follow the direction signs for the transfer to the boarding gate.

(1)Passenger holding a connecting flight boarding pass

Please have your valid documents and boarding pass ready to go through the transit counters, then follow the direction signs to the International departure gates.

(2)Passenger without a connecting flight boarding pass

Please have your valid documents, itinerary, baggage tags ready to go through the transit counters, you would have your boarding pass issued, and you may follow the direction signs to the departure gates.

(3)Passenger holding confirmed onwards ticket may transit without visa in China with a maximum transit time 24 hours. And as there is no overnight facilities inside Baiyun airport, passenger may apply 24 Hours Stay Permit from immigration to leave airport. For full details about 24 Hours Stay Permit application procedures, see 24 Hours Stay Permit Procedure.

(4)If you have applied or intend to apply for 72 hours visa-free transit, details, see 72 Hours Visa-free Transit Procedure.


Visa is not require for passengers holding a confirmed connecting fight ticket and transit via Guangzhou within 24 hours.(as no overnight facilities inside airport, a 24Hours Stay Permit may need for overnight transit passenger to leave the airport)

No need to collect your checked-through baggage. Any question, please contact transfer counter for more information.

4、Customs Inspection

Passengers should go through the Customs Inspection on second floor and then go to the third floor by elevator.

China Customs Declaration Form is not required for transit passengers, however the Customs holds the right to check the baggage in case it is a necessary.

5、Security Check

Passengers transfer in Guangzhou, do not need to go through the second security check in Guangzhou.


Please check your boarding gate and wait for boarding. Please report to the gate no less than 15 minutes prior to departure time.